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"I think that a story most people can relate to – which is funny because I imagine some people would take the opposite position because it’s a story about homosexuals – but I think that is the wonderful thing Shameless has done with this storyline, they’ve done a beautiful job telling this very human story. It’s a story about two souls who are being told by society, or however they get the message, that they shouldn’t be together or they’re not allowed to be together or maybe they’re not enough and I think that is something that anyone can relate to this storyline."  -Noel Fisher

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charlesdrawz asked:

first i freaked out when i saw that you reblogged my work, then i practically scream at the office when i saw you follow me!!! i haven't slept for the last 24 hours because of deadlines but ohmygod you guys just made my day infinity times better! P.S. i'm trying to write this as calm as i can to not freak you out. haha x

Haha!! Awww we’re not freaked out! And your work is great!

Sorry you’re stressed. Take a deep breath. It’ll all work out fine :D

~E x


Anonymous asked:

Do you have any idea exactly what the hair and/or makeup team uses on Noel's hair? I read the interview but I can't find a similar product.

I’m pretty sure he just gets it coloured now :)

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