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Anonymous asked:

season 2 video ian and mickey is blocked "This video contains content from WBTV, who has blocked it on copyright grounds." can you reupload it?

Hi :)

I’m not re-uploading the video. At least not yet. Warner Bros. has already blocked two of them and I don’t want my account to be deleted.



Anonymous asked:

i cant see any photos on the 'best kiss' poll but i thought ian and mickey had only kissed 3 times anyway? sorry if ive missed something!

Kiss 1: Mickey kisses Ian in the van.
Kiss 2: the kiss at Mickey’s wedding
Kiss 3: The kiss at the club.
Kiss 4: Ian kisses Mickey on the top of the head.


Yeah, I’m sorry there aren’t any photos on the polls this week - real life has been kicking my ass and keeping me busy!

Alibi Awards!


We’ve reached Thursday of the third week already!?!? Well then here, have some more categories to vote for! These are some of our favourites!

Funniest Kevin Ball Line

Favourite Frank Moment

Don’t forget there are still some categories open and you can still vote on Tuesday’s categories too! (we’ve added some videos to those to make it easier/harder to choose!)


Alibi Awards - Week THREE!


Sorry this is so late! Busy day! But here we go with this week’s Tuesday’s voting categories!

Favourite One-Liner

(we know Kevin and Mickey are great at one-liners, so don’t be surprised when you don’t see them here - they got their own categories!)

Funniest Exchange

As always, have fun! And don’t forget there’s still time to vote for last week’s categories HERE and HERE!

E & V x

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