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Alibi Awards! FINAL WEEK! Last Categories!

Brought to you by shamelessnews with teamgallavich and noelfisherfans!

So here are your final categories!!! There are a few still open - I’ll post them at the end, but for now, here are your last two Alibi Awards voting categories!

Performance Most Worthy of an Emmy by a Younger Performer

Performance Most Worthy of an Emmy

The following polls are also still open at the moment. Then we’ll be getting the results together and posting them for you in a couple of weeks when everything is rounded up!

Best Mickey Milkovich Line
Favourite Gallavich Moment
Best Kiss
Favourite Couple
'Most Likely To Induce Tears' Moment
Sweetest Moment

Happy voting!

E & V x


I had a really fucked up day at work, made like one sell in 5 hours and my boss was just calling to yell at me. Shitty shitty day. I was sanding around talking to a co-worker when I see Noel Fisher walking around in the mall. So I kind of shirked, and got red, and excited. But I couldn’t just go over, I didn’t wanna interrupt him or anything:

me: holy crap, there is a guy there and he’s an amazing actor and he’s on one of my fav tv shows and I love him and holy crap kgdeurgtjfshdkdjd

Co worker: really? Go say hey then.

Me: nope… I’m way to embarrassed.

Co worker: what’s his name?

Me: Noel Fisher, why?

Co worker: Just wait here. *runs down the escalators after him*

She fucking BROUGHT HIM OVER. And I was a mumbling mess and was way too excited and told him that in my opinion he’s playing one of the most influential characters around. And that I really appreciate what he’s doing. And he was A SWEETHEART! And my day got about 400000 times better.

broken-dark-fire replied to your post “season 2 video ian and mickey is blocked “This video contains content from WBTV, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.” can you reupload it?”

Warner Brothers is super mean and vigilant, so be careful.

For those who have been asking why I haven’t re-uploaded the Ian and Mickey videos that got blocked on my channel.

Because so much this.

I have heard they’ve been on a rampage and blocked at least 50 fan-made videos - check your favourites.


Anonymous asked:

hi, I'm the anon that asked about the promo shoots a couple of weeks ago and i didn't really get an answer. I dont want to be a bother im just really excited about s5.

Hi! I’m so sorry, I thought this had been answered. The only ones I’ve seen so far are the ones that Emmy posted in July.

There may have been more, but I’ve been on holiday since then so it’s possible I’ve missed them.


Alibi Awards! FINAL WEEK!

Brought to you by shamelessnews with teamgallavich and noelfisherfans!

This post is a day late because real life is a pain in the butt, but here are your final Tuesday categories.


'Most Likely To Induce Tears' Moment Some real tearjerker moments in here. Good luck picking!

Sweetest Moment Altogether now: “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.”

Get your votes in!!

Then just two more categories left on Thursday!

E & V x


Anonymous asked:

season 2 video ian and mickey is blocked "This video contains content from WBTV, who has blocked it on copyright grounds." can you reupload it?

Hi :)

I’m not re-uploading the video. At least not yet. Warner Bros. has already blocked two of them and I don’t want my account to be deleted.



Anonymous asked:

i cant see any photos on the 'best kiss' poll but i thought ian and mickey had only kissed 3 times anyway? sorry if ive missed something!

Kiss 1: Mickey kisses Ian in the van.
Kiss 2: the kiss at Mickey’s wedding
Kiss 3: The kiss at the club.
Kiss 4: Ian kisses Mickey on the top of the head.


Yeah, I’m sorry there aren’t any photos on the polls this week - real life has been kicking my ass and keeping me busy!

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